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Custom Builds

We here at ozpeel specialise in custom vessel fit-outs! We take great pride in bringing the ideas you invision for your boat to life. Customisation is the most rewarding part of our business so please, if you’ve thought of it; tell us about it and we will do our best to create it. The smallest of projects such as changing a dash cluster up to complete redesign of the boat can be undertaken and we have had some amazing results with extremely happy clients; returning yearly to add to their design.

40ft Fastlane

 This beautiful boat needed to be more fuel efficient and adapt to the users requirements for entertaining. To address the fuel issue the boat needed to have weight removed where it was unnecessary, reshape the hull to eliminate drag when powering and motor upgrade to not only provide far better fuel efficiency but also give alot  more power! The Interior was changed from a sun bed in the rear and small amount of seating to a full wrap around lounge with walk through transom and duck board, Food preperation bench, built in drinks compartment and storage cabinet. The entire dash was re-molded to a modern sleek design. Front seating was upgraded and adjusted for more comfort when at the controls. Sleeping quarters, dining, bathroom and kitchen are set to be the next project undertaken.

52ft Mono Racing Hull

This ex racing boat was once pride of the fleet, however that was some years ago, she had been worked hard and certainly wasn’t made for comfort.The new owner, being a taller gentleman, needed a bit more head room down below and a bit more depth in the cockpit to make his upcoming voyages more comfortable, oh and while your at it, how about a custom dodger, some fiberglass molded deck tread and the keel and hull is in need of repair and of course we will have to paint her top to bottom.

Sailing Cat Upgrade

The settee was uncomfortable as a box so it had to be extended and raked back. The bench tops where no longer anything to be envious of and held very little functional value, so custom lightweight tops where manufactured and bling was applied. Add a sunken sink and matching infill it allows for more service area, a splash of paint here and there and wow! 

She was a 1960's Ugly Duckling,,, But she came up awesome!

Hard tops and boarding platforms.

some hard tops are very large and create an outdoor entertaining area for a big group and others are designed for a more personal get together, the one thing that they have in common is that they must enhance the boats looks; both in practicality and style. We here at Oz Peel use light weight composite materials that offer strength and durability far beyond the materials that are so commonly used. Our boarding platforms are made to fit your boat and your lifestyle, built to the same exacting standards and strength that we use in our hard tops.

Fiberglass moulded non skid panels

Our molded fiberglass non skid panels can be applied to your deck, cabin top boarding platform or anywhere that is subjected to heavy traffic, the product is so durable and easy to clean and really gives the deck a modern look and feel that will enhance your boat and be the easiest after party clean up you’ve ever done.

Smaller Projects

The team manufacture many custom elements for our clients. Be it a full overhaul or simply a functionality tweak to make your day to day boating more enjoyable. If youv’e wondered if it can be done, wer’e happy to explore the possibilities with you.