Osmosis repair Specialists
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Osmosis gallery

Our peeling machine has been designed in-house to ensure the best possible outcome for material removal. The machine is a one of a kind and we are proud of the results we consistently achieve for our clients.

Pictures above demonstrate the team methodically working through osmosis repair projects. The drying blankets  run 24 hours a day (as do the team moving them) to cure the hull’s laminate of the “disease” Osmosis.  Once this has been achieved the hull will be fibre glassed using only the best products available to the marine industry. The body is then coated via gun with another in-house designed, patented body working compound and sanded by machine. The coatings include the ever important Epoxy Mastic before primer and Anti fouling. Don’t worry’ there’s no-one running around with a roller here! This is all applied with an airless spray gun to ensure the correct build of material and leave a superior finish to your boats hull.